Ch Springhill Asherwoods Shilo CD "Chaps"

whelped 1/10/2001

PRA Carrier,  CERF, BAER

    Chaps was my first English Cocker and what a joy he has been!  He came home with me at 11 weeks old and fit right in with a house full of bloodhounds.  He is shown in the picture above with his 'best buddy' Bentley.

    Chaps was my ‘learner dog’ in English Cockers.  He suffered many grooming errors and always gave me 100% in the ring.  After earning his Championship we went into the obedience ring.  He earned 2 legs on his CD before he realizing that he HATED it!  The third leg was hard earned but we did it.  I promised him that he could spend the rest of his hopefully long life chasing tennis balls and babysitting the young puppies of Asherwood.

    Thanks to Ruth Heston and Carol and Dennis Collins for trusting me with this special boy.

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